1. Respectful, well mannered and polite: Manners make a man, and a DPSITE should display good manners, courtesy, politeness and respectful behaviour towards one and all, everywhere and all times.
  2. Honest and truthful: A DPSITE should have the courage to accept his/her mistakes. He/she must never hide the truth about anything objectionable happening around him/her in the classroom, or in the school environment, and must report it to the school authorities immediately.
  3. Disciplined, punctual and sincere: A DPSITE is expected to cultivate and exhibit discipline in all spheres of life. He/she should practise punctuality and regularity in school and class attendance, completion and submission of all work without delay or excuses, and preparation for other school activities,
  4. Immaculate look: A DPSITE should take pride in wearing the school uniform, and must always come to school in a proper haircut, trimmed nails, polished shoes and a neat and ironed uniform without bobbling and wrinkles.
  5. Conscious, sensitive and empathetic: A DPSITE should be sensitive, appreciative and empathetic towards others, and should always be ready to share other’s problems and lend a helping hand. He/she should never mock or criticize others. He/she should have concern for the needs and feelings of others above one’s own.
  6. Self- driven, confident and motivated: A DPSITE should be self – reliant, motivated, and committed to his/her responsibilities and duties. He/she should have a positive and optimistic outlook, and should be able to manage his/her work and engagements. He/she must have a cheerful appearance, confident personality, energetic moves and should always wear a smile on his/her face.
  7. Creative and original: A DPSITE should develop the ability to think creatively and find novel ways to solve problems. He/she must not hesitate to be innovative and creative, should take failure in his/her stride, and strive continuously and diligently towards success.
  8. Vigilant and aware: A DPSITE must be vigilant and aware of his/her surroundings at all times, and must exercise her caution to ensure his/her and others safety. He should develop the ability to choose wisely and act judiciously, and say NO to any allurement or temptation.
  9. Service before self: A DPSITE should cultivate the ideal of “Service Before Self” in accordance with the motto of the school. He/she should discharge his/her duties towards the school, the country and humanity faithfully without expectation of rewards. A sense of commitment with the virtues of integrity and loyalty, are the keystones of an ideal personality.
  10. A citizen of the world: A DPSITE should not confine his/her outlook to narrow boundaries of religion, caste or class. He/she develop a broad perspective and strive towards the ideal “ All the world is a family”.