Principal Messages

Bishop Westcott Girls School

Dear Reader,
“Toil to attain thy height” is the profound wisdom imprinted on the exalted portals of DPS Ranipur, and to translate this into reality, we have a clear vision for each day “To Motivate, Educate and Empower our students” and each year “A vision of Excellence by inspiring our students and staff and by reinforcing their own expectations from the school.”

Building an ideal school requires 1% vision and 99% alignment. Thus, it is most important that all the stakeholders of the school should come together to ensure that each child is benefited to the maximum and blossoms as per his/her special talent and spark, in addition to developing his/her abilities in academics, sports and co-curricular activities.

In order to improve student learning outcome through activity-based lessons and improved performance outcomes in all kind of examinations, we are giving special emphasis to SMART Goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. It is also equally important to convey that by developing a secure and conducive learning environment for children, we strive for their socio-emotional, intellectual, mental and physical well-being along with constant development of student friendly infrastructure, and safety and hygiene norms which are also aimed on similar parameters.

In view of NEP 2020 we are strongly prepared to cover a number of identified learning gaps by setting an example of an innovative hybrid system of education along with skill education in a most professional way. We are gaining momentum in developing academics and other skills that include Artificial intelligence, Multimedia, Web Application, Data Science, Electronics and Hardware, Financial Literacy, Banking and Insurance, Financial Market Management, Marketing and Sales, Taxation, Cost Accounting, Handicraft, Block Printing, Embroidery etc. Our school has been selected as the pilot school for skill hub and hybrid learning, is expected to serve as a lighthouse school for other schools in the district, and will play a vital role in the growth of the students to establish a wholesome personality by identifying, encouraging and fostering the latent potential in them.

We have already shifted extensively from the traditional to the technical way of learning, and are moving ahead through Hybrid learning and Flipped classroom (ie providing more opportunities for a parallel learning at home through video lessons shared with them). All stakeholders are now well versed with the system of online classes. Online PTM has proved to be a constant help to us whenever needed. Let us devote ourselves to develop an ideal school that provides a conducive environment for student centric, inquiry-driven, competence based and joyful learning. Our commitment for holistic and inclusive education, for promoting reflective and metacognitive thinking practices among teachers, students and also for parent as active partners in learning stands strong and firm.


Dr. Anupam Jagga
DPS Ranipur