Principals Message

Principal's Message
Bishop Westcott Girls School

"With determination for a mission of Excellence and well prepared with supreme art to inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill joy in creative expression and knowledge, we at DPS Ranipur extend you a warm welcome to the new session 2019-20"

We have set higher standards and expectations for each and every student of the school and keeping in mind our core beliefs i.e. our vision and mission is to develop physical abilities, values, punctuality and discipline like a soldier, we wish to see them master at least one game to the national or state level and equally capable in creative and literary activities.

We aim at developing every child of our school with scientific aptitude developed at the core and well equipped with technological advancements and its ethical usage.

And for all that school has an overall healthy and vibrant environment conducive to learning and growth of students, the school provides a broad curriculum spectrum along with expertise instruction schedule which gives individual attention to the potential of each student to lead them to academic excellence of national benchmark.

We owe a lot to Mr. K. C. Pandey who left behind the huge legacy as the school has the honour of receiving best results in board exams competitive exams including engineering, Medicines and civil service examinations.

Our teachers are also constantly upgraded through regular workshops organised by DPS society and CBSE and are made well aware of their prime responsibility to develop confidence and love for the respective subjects by teaching with full enthusiasm, passion and follow best teaching practices.

Looking forward to your constant participation and cooperation to the school so that we the stakeholders i.e. Parents, Teachers, School administration can work together to bring out the best in your ward to nurture them with human virtues of creativity, brotherhood, patriotism, true sportsman spirit, discipline and best morals.

Dr. Anupam Jagga
Ph.D, M.Ed., M.Sc. (Physics)
DPS Ranipur