Dear Reader Friends,

Good wishes for new academic session 2019 – 2020.  I have been sharing my thoughts with you since 1999 regularly every year through school Almanac.  I tried to cover almost all the issues related to Education, learning, teaching, parenting, school issues etc. 

Now, I would like to express my views on Social media and your wards.  In last 3-4 years I have came across 2-3 very disturbing issues related to our students; all on ill-effect of Social networking side.  Most of the students studying in good public school and coming from middle income group communities are heavily addicted towards whatsapp, facebook, Instagram.  They feel that their day is made when good numbers of likes they get on social networking sites and land into depression in there are less numbers of likes or no likes or adverse comments.  Here parents are advised to allow limited use of the smart phone and I definitely feel that for school students there is no good point in these sites but surely I can say some day some students may commit blunder or can harm severely to self.   

Children be allowed a limited access of social media.  In my opinion children upto class X be not allowed to be explore with facebook, Instagram etc.  Most of the children of age upto 15-16 are not able to assess the degree of harm they do for their life.  Sometimes out of ignorance or out of excitement or some pressure by peers they share some information which may be very fatal for them.  As head of the school I keep receiving information from the parents that their ward is being blackmailed, harassed /forced to comment another blunder.  This way children are caught in vicious circle.  These days such post get viral in very short time and it become very difficult to come out of such awkwardness and ugly situation. 

However, students of classes XI and XII become little intelligent on such issues and may take care of such issues.  So it is my sincere advice to all parents to talk to their wards regularly and share the ill-effects of social media.  Another issue which I hear about is consumption of liquor by teenage boys and girls of society during their party time where parents are not present.  This is another health hazardous and bring bad name to self, family and sometimes to schools too.  Parents are advised to take serious and strict stand on the parties organised by boys and girls outside their house.  When liquor is consumed by teenage boys and girls they lose senses and control and may commit blunder which again can be fatal for children and their parents.  I as Principal took utmost care of my students but felt astonished when parents don’t understand school’s view and often trying to shield / protect their children.  Such action of parents will put them to bigger trouble in future.

I have always been of the opinion that parents should interact and have faith on teachers and Principal also.  These days children are very smart and cook favourable stories at home and parents take the side of their children only.  Dear Parents, alone you can not do and alone school can not do anything but jointly we and you can do the best for your children and our students.  So keep interacting with teachers, Principal and staff on frequent intervals.

Thanking you with warm regards and good luck to students, staff and parents.

K.C. Pandey

DPS Ranipur