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CCE: Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation. Is it troublesome for parents, tension for students & tiresome for teachers?

Since October 2009, the Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi has announced the implementation of CCE in its schools. The three major components of our education system are experiencing jerks as in earthquakes.

1. Parents who complain that school have made their life cumbersome as now they have been overburdened with additional assignments of preparing the various projects in almost all subjects for their wards so that their wards can score good marks in formative tests.

2. Teachers who complain that they are not able to focus on quality teaching as very frequenlty they have to search, design and make the tools for formative assessments.

3. Students who complain that they are not getting time to play, to spent weekends or even long breaks peacefully, as all the time they think of the projects, assignments etc. to make their teachers happy so that they award good scores to them.

Many people in the society say that this new system has brought ‘Bhoochal’ in the lives of children and their families. It is my firm belief that whenever we try to bring some changes in the society in any field, it creates fear psychosis amongst the effected ones (students, parents, teachers) as everyone wants to continue with the same old track with which he/she is accustomed to. The society is now heading towards change. Changes are inevitable and we should welcome it, as it will ensure our progressive journey towards the developing country.

As an educationist, I feel that before the commencement of any process/change, we must prepare the ground as anything taken up in hastle all of a sudden, is normally not accepted by masses, and thus causes tension in the society.

The purpose of bringing CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) into action is a welcome step; it was designed for the betterment of student’s community. The old rote-learning based two tests in a year used to give heavy tension to them at the end of the term. In this latest system, the peak time tension has been equally distributed into many segments of the academic year. So child feels less burdened throughout the year. Many of us have not understood its philosophy including some teachers, as they had not been trained for this pattern of evaluation.

Good public schools like ours have been doing this kind of comprehensive and continuous evaluation in scholastic (Academic) and co-scholastic aspect of teaching and learning for the last many years. In this regard, DPS took initiative and started preparing its teachers for the new CCE pattern by holding in-house workshops.Most of our children have also understood it.

For the information of parents whose wards are in lower classes, I am trying to explain it here. According to new evaluation pattern one academic year has been  broken into two terms. In these two terms, there will be two term examinations. One in the second week of September and another will commence from the last week of February. In each term there will be 2 formative tests. F1, F2 in first term and F3, F4 in second term for classes IX and X both. The devision is as under:

Formative 1  :         10     
Formative 2  :         10                First Term   
Summative 1:         30               


Term Total :         50     

Formative 3  :         10     
Formative 4  :         10                Second Term
Summative 2:         30               
Term Total :         50     

Yearly Total :       100

Formative Test means informal test during the class teaching, teachers may observe the skill by asking some questions in class, by giving some topics to speak on, some topic to discuss on, some article, write-up, to write any composition in their own words, some models or charts to make etc. Out of the two formative, one may be of the above kind and other can be pen & paper test where a short question paper (35 to 40 minutes) can be given for evaluation.

Summative Test means a full-length (2½ to 3 hours) test as it was being done in the past.

For the Formative Tests, parents need not to worry as nothing big will be given to do for which parents have to spent their precious time, of course parents can help their children for Summative Tests.

Very important aspect of this new evaluation system is co-scholastic and life skill training part, where parents are requested to motivate their children to take part in maximum number of such activities. Board has fixed grade for these activities. Some children don’t do well in academics and if he/she takes part in these other activities, he/she may get good grades and these good grades will help them in the upgradation / upscaling of their grades in subject performance. So participation in these co-scholastic activities is very very important & helpful for the students. He/she can upscale the obtained grade in subjects like mathematics/ science from A2 to A1 or B1 to A2 so-so. If he/she takes part in Science – Mathematics competitions or Olympiads, model making, chart making etc, upgradation is done in science / mathematics. Board also does the same in the annual examination of Class X students. For details please read page no. 42 of school almanac 2012-2013 (upscaling of grade).

One more aspect, I would like to remove the doubt, as it is also not clear to many of them i.e. which examination to take in Class X, School organized or Board organized.

Dear friends, this option is chosen by the students or their parents for only summative - 2 (second term of Class X), which carries a total (weightage) of 30 marks out of 200. School sends the records of 170 marks (100 marks Class IX + 50 marks Class X upto I-term + 20 marks of FA3 F4 of class X) for each subject to board and board adds up marks scored out of 30 in board exam to the score out of 170 given by school during class IX whole year and first terms of Class X.

I believe the school based examination (i.e. SA-2), is better for the children. Rest depends on parents, it is their choice and they can choose any either school based or board conducted examination. School based examination, answer books of the children are evaluated by the school teachers who understand the child very well, therefore, it is my advise to all the parents not to worry about the new system of evaluation / examination but ensure that their wards study the subjects regularly and also devote some time for extra reading & extracurricular activities. Extra reading has become very important. Dear friends, extracurricular activities & training of life skills are instrumental in helping the children in the all round development of their personality. Bookworm or muggers really don’t succeed much in their real life. In future life of all of us have to face struggles, so, our children should be fully equipped to fight their battle, as it is going to be more challenging to them in times to come.

The CBSE is planning to implement the new system of evaluation shortly for lower class children also i.e. for Classes V to VIII.

I hope, my write up will clear the prevalent doubts which are in the mind of parents about the present CCE system of CBSE.

I wish you, your wards and my teachers a happy academic year 2012-2013 ahead.

With best wishes