Our Role in Making Vision 2020 Come True

“If I were asked under what sky the human mind has fully developed some of its choicest gifts, has most deeply pondered on the greatest problems of life, and has found solutions to some of them which well deserve the attention even of those who have studied Pluto and Kant – I should point to India.” 

These are the words of the great German scholar Max Mueller about ancient India.  Innumerable foreign invasions and slavery for a long period of history resulted in a comparatively less advance nation in the field of education.  But the wheel has started turning.  We are fast moving on the path of becoming a developed nation with potential to be a Super Power.

No country can even dream of making it big without not only highly educated but also dedicated young men and women who are determined to pay back the debt to their motherland.  No doubt, Indian institutions like IITs and IIMs are producing a small number of professionals of high caliber but majority of them leave for unknown horizons like USA, UK and Europe fascinated by Mammon, the God of Wealth.

Can we, then, ever give shape to the dreams of our great freedom fighters?  Lack of infrastructure, opportunities for job – satisfaction and facilities to lead a luxurious life – are some of the reasons propounded by these young men and women who have the ability and energy to shape and mould the destiny of their country.

I would, here, suggest two possible solutions to this problem.  The first step in this direction should be the opening of more institutions of international level for professional training with special projects, designed to achieve vision 2020.  Such courses should be mandatory for the pass outs.  These trained professionals should be given a free hand in their working without any interference by the politicians or bureaucrats.  They should be then sent to more advanced nations to get an in-dept knowledge of their related fields.  If handsome salary and perks are also offered, I am sure, it will channelise the intellectual wealth of these power houses to their own country rather than enriching the already rich countries.

Secondly, government should encourage foreign educational institutional of international repute to establish their branches in India and introduce India – specific courses.  It, in turn, will be useful for the host as well as the guest country.  China is a fine example of this changing mindset in this era of globalization.  The emerging supremacy of China in the economic and political fields has made it power to reckon with.

But the disturbing factor of chasing money by our youngsters can’t be checked by any government.  It is we who have to see that our young generation doesn’t fall a prey to desire of amassing wealth by corrupt practices.  The parents and teachers will have to set examples at home and school respectively so that a lesson in contentment also becomes ingrained among children.  I don’t deny the importance of money in life but a person must learn to draw a fine line between necessity and lust.  They can learn it only from their parents who should not starve their children of their love and guidance as well as strengthening their moral values.  When the parents project themselves as, the king makers due to the power, of their money earned by corrupt practices and even flaunt it for getting their children admitted in schools and colleges, it has a morally weakening effect on child and initiates him into preparing himself for the rat race as he grows up.  Its chain reaction has been going on for the last 4 – 5 decades.

Here, I would like to appeal to the parents and teachers that by strengthening their own moral fibre, they can crate a beautiful world for their children.  Our children will reap after 20 years what we sow for them now.  Its time for damage control now.  We, the members of DPS family should take initiative in giving this clarion call to spread the feeling of contentment, character upliftment and happiness in the society.  This alone will lead the country to glorious heights and fulfill the vision of the great visionaries of DPS Society who gave us the motto ‘Service Before Self’, come true.